Participants learn about turntablism from DJ AfroDJiak in 2008.

Participants learn about turntablism from DJ AfroDJiak in 2008.

Film Track

Weeks 1-2: Development and pre-production
Begin the brainstorming process; Learn how to develop a storyline for your project and schedule shoot locations.

Weeks 3-4: Production (shooting)
Apply what you’ve learned from the first two sessions and get behind the camera while exploring different lighting & sound techniques.

Weeks 5-6: Editing
This is where your storyline comes together. Pick your best shots and string them together using various tricks and methods.

End product: DVD of music video

    Music Track

    Weeks 1-2: Songwriting
    Most works of art begin with a vision. Put your creative vision into words and your words onto paper with the help of musicians and songwriting professionals.

    Weeks 3-4: Producing and beatmaking
    Will your song belong to any particular genre? What instrumentation will you use?
    Find the best sound & perfect rhythms to accompany your lyrics.

    Weeks 5-6: Recording and performance
    Lay vocals and other instruments over the track you’ve produced, and learn the mixing & mastering processes to create your finished product.

    End product: CD of original songs

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